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Birthdate:May 30
Location:Texas, United States of America
I hate bios.
I'm a bipedal carbon-based life form with two X chromosomes.
I do things.
I know cool folks.
I like cheese.

Interests (60):

anthropology, art, avoiding the telephone, bad jokes, baking bread, book people, burners without borders, burning flipside, caffeine, camelbaks, camping, catching that damn kitten, cats, cello, cheese, cooking, deeleeboppers, drawing, dream pop, drunken philosophy, drunken scrabble, electronica, epidemiology, erinlefey, ethics, existentialism, flute, glowy things, goth-industrial, guilty powerful fondness for tears for fears, lab coats, lazy sundays, liturgy, making some divine coffee, mythology, numina, painting, perfume, photography, polyamory, priests, rain, reading, religion, ritual, science fiction, science!, serge lutens, setting things on fire, showering in the dark, sleeping, snow, spirituality, spooning, tears for fears, that guy over there, the drama-free life, the quest for interdependence, theology, usb widgets
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