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Round woman with frizzy hair conquers tea-clogged garbage disposal armed with nothing more than vinegar, sodium bicarbonate, and language that would make a jaded pundit blush (just like Nana taught me).


Now, the litter boxes.  I lead a thrilling life. :P


Sep. 14th, 2008 03:29 am
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Three things learned this evening:

(1) Ink drawing and half a bottle of really nice red wine (thanks [ profile] onyxlynxx !) do not make good bedfellows.
(2) Sin City is not the movie for me, interesting cinematography aside.  Good ad for The Gift of Fear, however.
(3) The smell of cooking chicken tortilla soup, although a lovely smell, is incredibly tenacious.  My hair is summoning spoons from all around - Maybe that's where they go!

Also in the PSA department:  if you're sleeping on the couch in someone's house, and you prop all of the couch cushions on a bin directly in front of the front door, it's just a little bit likely that the resident returning at 2:00am will wake you up.  Glaring and muttering at me won't change that much.  So sorry.

Tired, tipsy, must sleep.

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I think I've figured out how to make a reasonably good home-version of Epoch's iced mojo. Yay!
I know I've figured out how to make this.
Now I really want one of these, to save time and have iced coffee concentrate whenever I want it.

I've found myself on someone else's schedule today (I have to wait for someone to do something before I can get to my not insubstantial to-do list, and my time with transportation is ticking down to a few hours). Frustrating!

Excited about Oseeekrit!


Jul. 28th, 2008 04:25 pm
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OKCupid thinks I am a "less artistic" personality.  Hehehe.

Think I'm going to ladies'  tea, so perhaps I should wash up and stuff.  And see if [personal profile] jenmarie is still giving me a ride.
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[personal profile] longshot14 and I have one of those self-setting digital clocks on our living room wall.  It has decided that it will no longer follow the time that the guvmint has set for us to follow, and insists on remaining one hour ahead.  We've turned DST on, turned it back off, completely reset it, taken out the batteries, and kicked it a few times.  No luck - still an hour fast.

This is messing with me.  My computer says one time, and I start planning based on that.  I look up at the wall and OMG I'm late!!!  Oh, wait.  Or I plan on the wall clock time, and end up way early.

I'm used to having a sense of time that is somewhat...flexible, but this is just ridiculous.

Time to throw away the clock, methinks.


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