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It seems I saved my old Livejournal handle on here years ago, and I remembered my old password system.

No idea if I'll use this thing, but I like that it's here.
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*feeling like myself again for parts of today for the first time in several difficult days.  That makes lots of happy right there.  May it hold.
*friends who have my back when I can't.  Thank you.
*literary bisexual poker night.  Now with extra snark.
*homemade focaccia.
*long, rambling talks on the front porch.
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does anyone have an ironing board I can borrow before Tuesday?  I realize that the majority of my flist is either kinking it up, out at the Party That Shall Not Be Named, or at the thing in the desert, but it is worth a try. :D

Ping and I will see if I can come pick it up.
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Amid all of the wondering whether I need to start tending a second online journal or not, life got busy and I forgot to take the first steps to get this here page off the ground. Doing a little of that today.


Journal page, not anything planned or finished. I've been having problems finishing larger-scale creative projects since...well, ever. I've had an especially rough time of it the past year or so. In the middle of any piece (for me, anyway), there's a period of time where I completely lose faith in the piece, my ability to finish it, my ability to make anything creative at all, etc. I know - I know - it's simply a part of the creative process, much like the excitement of a new idea, the stomach-tingly of an idea that won't go away (ooh, I love those), the but of mourning when one is finally done and I shouldn't play with it anymore. But the midpoint crisis of faith has had a louder voice for a long time.

I don't know why I started that ramble, but there you go.
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I'll get around to really setting this up after this weekend. Life is a little hectic right now. And I need to find my camera cable to post this week's sketches and such...


May. 6th, 2009 12:31 pm
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 Anyone need two Flipside tickets? Or know of anyone who does?
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Good morning, everyone. Have a beautiful Saturday.

Oh, and because I've been meaning to post the link forever: body-inclusive dance classes.


Mar. 3rd, 2009 08:31 pm
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What is the correct or approved protocol when a child is misbehaving in public without supervision?  For future reference?  I've asked that they not jump on and off of the furniture (which is right next to a very fragile, very heavy table) three times.  Do I just seek the parents out and ask them to keep them off of the furniture?

There's no way out of this without pissing someone off, is there?


Feb. 4th, 2009 04:26 pm
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Anyone have a good ophthalmologist/optometrist?  It's time to just admit I can't see out of my left eye anymore with this Rx, and I should get it seen to.

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I left the house without my phone.  I recommend LJ, gchat (sporadically), or messenger pigeons if you need to reach me.  Or just come by the store. :D


Jan. 22nd, 2009 04:18 pm
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My subjective reality is one hell of a lot more interesting than objective reality, suckers.

Your result for The Personality Defect Test...

Starving Artist

You are 14% Rational, 29% Extroverted, 29% Brutal, and 57% Arrogant.

You are the Starving Artist! Like some sort of emaciated Frenchman, you sit in your fancy little chair and contemplate beauty, meaning, flowers, and all kinds of other ridiculous crap. You are more intuitive than logical, and are primarily guided by your heart and emotions. You are also very introverted and gentle. Of course, this does not mean that you do not have an ego. In fact, you are surprisingly arrogant for someone so emotional and gentle. This is why you are best described as a starving artist. You are very introspective and quite sure of yourself, as any accomplished artist is, yet your views are impractical, guided by feelings, and overly gentle. You probably find math, logic, and similar intellectual pursuits offensive to your artistic sensibilities, and you prefer the open-endedness of artistry because it's infinitely easier to ponder the beauty of a sock than to build rocketships. So really you have no reason to be arrogant, you big doofus, because the skills you value (emotion, spirit, art, etc.) in yourself are valuable only on a subjective level, meaning your arrogance is purely masturbatory, like the insipid self-pleasuring of some twat who spouts artistic nonsense only for the pleasant tinkling sound it makes upon his indiscriminating ears. In short, your personality is defective because you are arrogant, introverted, introspective, gentle, and thoroughly irrational...posessing most of the traits needed to be a starving--and useless--artist. So get out there, write a few short stories that are allegories for the indestructible spirit of socks, and starve!

To put it less negatively:

1. You are more INTUITIVE than rational.

2. You are more INTROVERTED than extroverted.

3. You are more GENTLE than brutal.

4. You are more ARROGANT than humble.


Your exact opposite is the Capitalist Pig.

Other personalities you would probably get along with are the Haughty Intellectual, the Televangelist, and the Emo Kid.



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Welcome, officially, to the role of my president.

I don't think I have ever watched a Presidential Inauguration before, and I can say with certainty that I have never before leapt out of my nice, hot shower to watch a Presidential Inauguration, shivering and dripping water on the living room floor.  I must confess, it doesn't quite feel I paid...formal enough attention to your swearing in, what with being mid pit-shave and naked and all.  But that's okay.  You were fumbling and visibly off rhythm yourself.

It seems appropriate.  This nation of ours is bumbling and off its rhythm right now.  So maybe in our own way, we're in sync, beginning this new administration right where we are, bumbled lines and half-shaved armpits and all.  It's going to be a rocky ride.  You're going to piss me off, you're going to make me cry, I'm going to cheer for you.  As for you?  Well, some of your staffers will undoubtedly continue to get emails from me, as they have been for some time. 

I don't know precisely what to say today, other than to look at you on the telly, and myself in the mirror - and accordingly every other American citizen today - and say, "Don't fuck this up."

I'm pulling for you.  For us.  For the world.

Thanks.  I'm going to go wash my hair now.

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Very, very happy birthdays to [ profile] psylent1  and [ profile] valatan , two of my favoritest people.

Happy Obama day to everyone!  :D

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Note to self 2398.43:

Having difficulty with gesture when you haven't done figure work in at least two years now != suck at art, can't do this, and should have gone into something more in line with my abilities, like actuarial science.   You're out of practice, is all. 

Do - Grab the newsprint, make several dozen frightfully bad drawings. 
Pester [ profile] avahasnoalias  for that figure drawing group's information and get to working from models again. 
Sketch unsuspecting sleeping friends and loved ones. 

EDIT:  Oh hey, did I lend Art and Fear  to one of you lovelies, or have I lost it and need to reorder it (heck, maybe I'll order a case of them and hand them out)?

Don't -
Freak out and have an artistic crisis.  They don't accomplish anything.  Well, maybe they boost the metabolism, but so what?

Also do - Go buy cat litter, ya dolt.  No, now.  Okay, get gas first.

Random studio pic, with painting that I'm getting back to after it languished for a long time on the wall.
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The first six people to respond to this post will get something made by me. It will be about or tailored to those six who respond first. (A creative definition of six achieved :D)

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make
- What I create will be just for you
- It'll be done this year
- You have no clue what it's going to be. It may be a mix tape. It may be fic, or a poem. I may draw or paint something. I might bake you something and mail it to you. Who knows? Not you, that's for sure!
- I reserve the right to do something extremely strange

The catch? Oh, the catch is that you have to put this in your journal as well, if you expect me to do something for you!
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INFP - "Questor". High capacity for caring. Emotional face to the world. High sense of honor derived from internal values. 4.4% of total population.
Take Free Jung Personality Test
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Introverted (I) 68.75% Extroverted (E) 31.25%
Intuitive (N) 80.65% Sensing (S) 19.35%
Feeling (F) 59.38% Thinking (T) 40.63%
Perceiving (P) 79.31% Judging (J) 20.69%

Nope, nothing different there. Never gotten a different result than INFP.

Enneagram Test Results
Type 1 Perfectionism |||||| 30%
Type 2 Helpfulness |||||||||||||| 56%
Type 3 Image Awareness |||||| 30%
Type 4 Sensitivity |||||||||||| 46%
Type 5 Detachment |||||||||||||| 60%
Type 6 Anxiety |||||||||||||| 53%
Type 7 Adventurousness |||||||||||||| 60%
Type 8 Aggressiveness |||||| 23%
Type 9 Calmness |||||||||||||||||| 80%
Your main type is 9
Your variant is self pres
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